About Us

ANADIAG IBERICA SL is a private company dedicated to the research and agricultural advising established in Spain since 1996 under the company name Agritest. However, in 2002 it became a part of ANADIAG group working in an international level.
Since its foundation ANADIAG IBERICA is specialized in technical advising for the agricultural sector and in private agricultural research.
It is manned by professional staff mainly also dedicated to the agricultural advising and other activities related with the agriculture areas.

ANADIAG IBERICA currently operates in all around Spain and has a deep knowledge of the realities and necessities of the sector.
The technicians are professional in the different agricultural scopes and they receive continuous trainings related with crop and plant management and official regulations. Most of the technicians are producers and have they own cultivars allowing a direct and continuous contact with the agricultural sector.

Since 1997 in Good Experimental Practice (GEP): EOR 20/97
Since 2007 in Good Laboratory Practice (GLP): 23/BPL028